Two-Hip Position Instructions
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Introduce Baby Sling Two Hip position when baby has full head & body control (about 5+ months)

Follow Hug Position instructions, but before tying sash, shift your baby to your side so that baby’s legs are straddling your hip. Then continue with Hug Instructions.

Two-Hip Position may only be used when baby is able to hold his/her head upright unassisted. For toddlers, shoulder may be free of fabric. Sash must be used.

Helpful Tips
If your baby does not like being in the Baby K'tan carrier, calmly take them out and try again later. Babies can sense a wearer's hesitation. If you are stressed, your baby will sense this and will also be stressed. Keep practicing and stay calm. Ensure that the fabric is spread wide - reaching the bend in baby's knees - to create a comfortable and secure seat.
Now that your baby is in the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, it is time for a safety check.