Explore Position Instructions
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Introduce Baby Wrap Explorer position when baby has full head & body control (about 5+ months)

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Place baby in an upright sitting position in the center of the inner loop.   Make sure baby is centered in the fabric (as if sitting up in the center of a hammock). Baby’s head, shoulders and one or both arms can be free of the fabric.   Place your arm through the outer loop that is hanging at your waist, and pull it back up onto your shoulder.

Spread the fabric of the outer loop over baby’s bottom.   Reach behind your back and slide support band down so that the loops cross at the center of your back (for optimal back support).   Adjust fabric on your shoulders so that it is comfortable.

Helpful Tips
Some babies may prefer to be seated in a criss-cross applesauce position, while toddlers may be more comfortable with their legs sticking out of the Carrier. Babies can sense a wearer's hesitation. If you are stressed, your baby will sense this and will also be stressed. Keep practicing and stay calm. Ensure that the fabric is spread wide and that your baby is seated in the center of the fabric.
Now that your baby is in the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, it is time for a safety check.