NEW! K'tanCloth
3-in-1 Nursing Cover, Burp Cloth, Blankie

  1. Nursing Cover - Attaches to baby carriers for discreet nursing on-the-go
  2. Soft Cuddly Blankie - Easy velcro attachment so your little one won’t lose it
  3. Burp Cloth with Pocket - Open-pocket design helps catch messy spit ups
  4. Breathable Mesh - Absorbent micro fiber on the back, soft cotton on the front

  5. Easy On and Off Velcro Attachment
    • Attach to any baby carrier - Use as a nursing cover, sun shade or burp cloth
    • Attach to any stroller bar - Use as a lovie, teething blanket, or handy wipe cloth
    • Attach to any nursing tank - Use as nursing cover + over-the-shoulder burp cloth

K'tanCloth 3-IN-1
K'tanCloth 3-in-1
K'tanCloth 3-in-1 KTANCLOTH-NIFTY