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Carrier Safety Check

safetymain.jpg baby has clear source of air
Baby has a clear source of air
Nose and mouth are visible and
baby's chin is off his/her chest.

baby in seated position
Baby is in a seated position
Knees above baby's bottom and fabric reaching bend in knees.

sash tied securely
Sash is tied securely around baby
For positions that require the sash.

baby's head is supported
Baby's head is supported
If baby does not yet have head control or if baby is sleeping.

Additional tips for secure and safe baby wearing:

Practice before you begin. Try your baby sling with a weighted doll or sack of potatoes. Practice bending (bend your knees), moving through doorways (watch out for his "head"!), and getting "baby" in and out of the carrier. Most accidents involving babywearing are due to the wearer tripping and falling, so it's important to develop the reflex of holding and protecting your baby when something unexpected happens. Going through the motions in advance can really help with this.

Always watch your step. Your balance can be affected while wearing baby in a carrier.

Support baby. When you start wearing your baby, support him/her with your arm until you are confident. Always support baby whenever you bend over.

Practice in front of a mirror. Using a mirror will help you see how the fabric is adjusted and how baby is positioned. 

Swap positions. Sitting in the same position for a long period of time can be uncomfortable. Physical therapists recommend changing baby's positions every so often, especially if you are wearing him/her for long periods of time. Use your instincts and follow baby's cues.

Build up your endurance. This happens naturally if your baby is still small. If you are starting out with an older baby, try a few short sessions each day rather than one long one. Gradually increase the duration as your muscles adjust.



Parenting is a journey. From a first step, to a laundry ridden home, to a moment filled with tears of joy. No matter what your journey may be, we want to be right there with you.

Share your day-to-day babywearing and parenting adventures on social media with #MyBKJourney and you could be featured on the Baby K'tan Blog, in our gallery or on our social channels.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier as a "hip-healthy" product when used as directed. www.hipdysplasia.org
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