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Meet the Team

Baby K’tan was founded in 2007

Baby K'tan was founded in 2007 by the Chesals and Wernicks - two families who have been close friends for years. Each family was raising a child with special needs, in addition to two other children. Wanting to carry their babies as much as possible and provide the nourishment they require for healthy development, both families experimented with different baby slings, carriers and baby wraps. Unsatisfied with the options on the market, they began creating different designs that combined style, ease of use, and comfort. Improving on and incorporating these aspects, Michal and Isaac created the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier!

We trust that you will adore our carrier as much as we do!

chesal family

Michal Chesal

President & Co-Founder
Michal’s oldest son, Coby Joshua, was born with Down syndrome in 1999. Coby’s disability presented the need for Michal to create an environment for him that would facilitate his development and provide the extra stimulation he needed for optimal growth. Coby was also born with hypotonia (low muscle tone) and was adversely affected by carriers that did not support his natural hip positioning. Michal wanted to hold Coby closely and show him the world in a developmentally appropriately way, but she was not satisfied with the carriers on the market. She began modifying existing slings and wraps to provide positions where babies can see the world while being held in a developmentally appropriate posture.

Isaac Wernick

CEO & Co-Founder
Isaac’s youngest son, Eitan Lev, was born in 2003 with a rare and serious heart defect known as TAPVR. He underwent a successful open-heart surgery at Miami Children's Hospital when he was four weeks old. After his surgery, Eitan was fragile and sensitive to pain. The Wernick's looked for the best baby carrier for carrying Eitan close, but were not satisfied with the carriers available on the market. They then borrowed Michal Chesal’s modified carrier, and after a few months of use, both families began to make further improvements to its quality, design, safety, structure, and style.

Thus, the Baby K’tan® Baby Carrier was born!



Warehouse Manager
You buy it, she ships it! Lurline is a warehouse manager with style! Jamming as she packs, she'll box your K'tan with amazing grace and speed, and most importantly, love! She’s also lived and breathed Baby K’tan as long as the owners!




Payroll, cost of goods sold, expense reports, commissions... you lost me at payroll! Thankfully, Roberto "gets" this stuff! Phew. Our books would be a mess without him. Roberto can calculate Baby K'tan prices in his sleep and has been doing it for years!




VP of Sales
With an impressive history selling juvenile products, and now our VP of Sales, we seriously don't know if Val ever sleeps. What we do know is that we’re lucky to have her on our team, and we get super excited when she finds the time to pass through our offices!




Customer Care Manager
AKA Rockstar. Jamie has taken Baby K'tan customer service under her wings, and is killing it! She's all about making you happy. Chances are, if you've called us you've spoken to Jamie,our K'tan Care Specialist.


VP of Marketing

Sister to Baby K'tan co-founder Michal, Tali has been part of the business since day one! She tries not to let her big sis boss her around, but it's tough when she IS the boss. Tali rocks our marketing, graphic design, tradeshows and more. How do all those hats fit on one head?




Operations Admin

Whoa! You did what? While we ate lunch you built the Empire State Building? How are you so productive?! Never a moment wasted when it comes to processing and shipping your precious orders. Cheryl is on it.



Director of Operations & Logistics
Something about the words EDI, order processing, logistics and all that other funny jargon somehow makes sense to Eda... and we are thankful for that! Working hard with a smile and stealth she'll get your accounts managed and ready for business!




Cust Service/Mktg Admin

We've never seen anyone as enthusiastic and as positive as Adrienne! Ok, well, maybe Dory from Finding Nemo, but that's it. From orders, to packing, to organizing, to all around operations in the office, Adrienne does it with a skip in her step.




Warehouse Assistant

Have you ever seen the video of that guy who broke the record for folding pizza boxes? No? You should. It's pretty cool. Well we'd like to challenge him to a fold-off.




Marketing Manager

Nicole will market the campaign and social the influencer out of you. Ok, that makes no sense. But she does know a lot about social media and influencer marketing. And we're pretty cool with that! With her knowledge from previous work in the industry, We love what Nicole brings to our team.



Marketing Assistant

Wearing those babies and prepping those promos, Sam does it with skill. A guru babywearer herself with adorable little ones, we just want her to bring her daughter at all of our events so that we can squish those cheeks... oh, um, yeah and work. Sam helps our Marketing and Customer service team get their jobs done, and we are ever so grateful for that!



Operations and Logistics Manager

Here to save us from those logistical nightmares, Christeen whips up those orders and helps manage those back-end systems (hehe, back-end) with expertise. From webstore to warehouse, she has this process under wraps.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of every Baby K'tan Baby Carrier will be allocated to the American Heart Association and to help fund education, medical research, advocacy programs, and promotion of awareness and inclusion for individuals and families living with Down syndrome.

Meet the team and their goofy personalities!

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier as a "hip-healthy" product when used as directed. www.hipdysplasia.org
Post your photos on instagram using our hashtags #babyktan and #thesnuglife and your picture may be featured in our gallery!
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