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Eco Friendly

At Baby K'tan, LLC we strive to be an eco-conscious company to the best of our ability. Throughout our growth, we have continued to place an importance on environmentally friendly practices throughout our corporate culture and with our eco-friendly baby products. Though these efforts may seem small when observed individually, we know that every little bit helps.


Here are a few ways, other than offering organic baby slings, in which Baby K'tan LLC supports our environment through our eco-friendly baby products:

Use Recycled Cardboard

All of our boxes and packaging are made from recycled cardboard (also referred to as corrugated cardboard)This not only helps reduce pollution, but it also conserves valuable resources found on our planet as well as create additional jobs. Cardboard recycling is a simple option to help keep our earth clean and green.

Gently Used Carriers

In addition to new factory-made products, we also offer "Previously Loved," or Gently Used, items for sale and for charitable causes. Rather than discarding eco baby carrier items that are exchanged or returned, we carefully inspect each one. If the eco-friendly baby product is in great condition, we will clean, re-package and either donate or re-sell the item. This process not only helps reduce unnecessary waste, but also allows us to be able to give back to our community and to parents in need. Gently Used items that are sold are all offered at a discount, also allowing budget conscious shoppers to obtain high-quality baby carrier cloth slings and products without breaking the bank.

Fabric Donations

Not every return or exchange arrives to our warehouse in good condition, so we can't re-use every product. Those eco baby carrier cloth slings which are deemed unfit for resale will be donated as scrap fabric to recyclers who re-purpose the material.

FLORIDA Textile Recycling Programs logo One such organization is FLORIDA Textile Recycling Programs. Their mission is to help the environment by providing a convenient way for people to dispose of unwanted clothes, shoes and other household textile items while also keeping these unwanted items out of our local landfills. Learn more about them at

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