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6 Tips for Working Out While Wearing Baby

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Working out with baby can be a great way for you to get in self care all while bonding with your baby. If you join a group like Fit4Moms, you get the benefit of working out with other moms as well, so it's a win-win! 

We partnered up with the Fit4Moms South OC Stroller Strides chapter to get some tips for how to workout while wearing your baby. 

1. Tone your arms with an overhead press

Always make sure to keep the resistance band behind your arms (away from baby) and use your front leg to stabilize.

Check the resistance of your band. Give yourself less band for more resistance and give yourself more band for less resistance. Focus on keeping your shoulders away from ears and core engaged.

2. Elevate a lunge using your surroundings

Use a curb to amp up your lunges. When you are in a forward lunge make sure your front knee is tracking over the ankle, hips square to the front and bending at the back knee.

Want to add an element of difficulty to the forward lunge? Elevate the back leg on a curb or bench. Always making sure the front knee is tracking over the ankle. When you look down you should see your toes.

3. Get those knees up

Looking to get some core and cardio in without jumping? Lifting your arms above your head will increase your heart rate during any move, then add some knee lifts.

Make sure to lift your knees a little wider than your hips to accommodate baby in the carrier.

4. Walk and lunge

A great way to mix up walking with the stroller is to add some walking lunges. Again make sure that front knee is tracking over your ankle, hips are square to the front and aiming to get the back knee low to the ground.

5. Push your stroller, but wear your baby

It's very important to maintain proper spine alignment while carrying baby and pushing the stroller. Don't allow the weight of the baby or stroller to let your shoulders roll forward. Focus on keeping your shoulders back and gaze up.

6. Have fun!

Remember to take a break between sets and smile at your baby. or When you need to catch your breath take the opportunity and check in with baby...remember to smile at them, one day you won't be able to carry them anymore.

Love the idea of joining a Fit4Moms Class? Find a Fit4Moms chapter in your local area.

Are you in the Orange County area of California? Check out this link and register for a free class!

Looking for more tips that help you workout while wearing baby? Check out our post with the Santa Clarita Valley Fit4Moms chapter from last year. 

Pictures taken by Melissa DeMers of Lissarie Photography

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