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Multiple tornadoes surrounded us
Got to give a shout-out! I live in Oklahoma and spent the majority of our Friday evening back and forth between storm cellars as multiple tornadoes surrounded us. I have a 4yo, 2.5yo and 2.5mo - kept my baby in the K'tan the whole evening, and he slept soundly against Mama in the midst of chaos. SO thankful for such a great carrier that I don't have to worry about. Nothing to re-tie and no keeping track of loose fabric. It was muggy down in the cellar, but I could have been MUCH more uncomfortable with any other carrier. So thankful for a product that made our scary evening a little easier with such a small baby. The K'tan is my favorite baby wearing device, and I've tried most all. - Brandon-LeAnna Flowers

Tunes in the K'tan

Comfort of a wrap, without all the fuss
I LOVE IT!! It is now my everyday, go-to carrier of choice. I have so many people ask me about it when out and about with my 18lb, 6-month-old in it, and I have sold at least 3 clients on it already! It is comfortable for hours at a time, and once you get the hang of it (I had to watch the DVD, and I tell everyone that watching it is essential to success), it is so easy to use. I feel like I get the comfort of a wrap, without all the fuss. So much easier to take on and off when it is time to nurse. I had seen the K'tan at The Baby Daily, but really hadn't given it a second thought, even though the gal working there was raving about it. I am so glad Morgan sent me info about your doula outreach program. I guarantee Baby K'tan will be making hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars from my clients and people who ask me about it on the street! - Kendra

We both absolutely love it
I love my carrier and so does my son Gavin who has Down Syndrome. We both absolutely love it. It makes it even more special that I had it embroidered in yellow to say Gavin A Little EXTRA. I got a blue carrier with yellow lettering so it is even in Down Syndrome colors. - Lauri Edwards


Snuggled in the Kítan
Iím a proud auntie ;)....thought I would share some pics of my niecey-girl Chloe in one of her favorite places to be...snuggled in the Kítan. - Eva

Rock on I think it's awesome
I'm loving my Baby K'tan with DS2! rock on I think it's awesome for a tiny baby. I got it when DS2 was about 4 weeks old. It is basically 2 stretchy pouch slings. Very comfortable! - Jenny

I love it, he loves it
I tried my 4 week old (who has been fussy and I have been unable to put him down) in the k'tan today- it is amazing- I love it, he loves it, I am actually able to get some stuff done, and I just wanted to tell you what a great product this is! Thank you so much! I am so happy someone had recommended it to me! I will recommend it (and probably buy as a baby shower gift) for all my pregnant girlfriends! - Kelly Valetti

No yards of fabric to juggle and tie
I wanted to thank you so much for such an amazing product! I had purchased a wrap before my son was born and when I took it out of the packaging I was instantly stressed. The fabric was just so incredibly long and confusing to tie I thought I'd never actually use it. My cousin was pregnant at the same time as I was and bought the same one and had the same reaction. She returned to the store to ask how to use it and the boutique owner told her about the Baby K'tan! My cousin told me she was sending me one as my baby gift and when I received it I was so excited! It's so simple and easy to put on and put baby in all by yourself. No yards of fabric to juggle and tie. I flew home to New York when my son was only a few weeks old and everyone was asking me what kind of wrap he was in. He slept the whole was snuggled up and comfy! He's 6 months old now and I use it when going out more often than I use his stroller! Thank you so much for simplifying such a great idea, because we all know children are complicated enough! Baby K'tan has made a huge difference! This photo is of me using the baby K'tan when my son was 3 months old at his daddy's graduation from air assault school. I pulled the sleeves up a tad because it was 90 degrees and didn't want tan lines but the fabric was so light I was able to wear it for the whole 2 hours. - Jessica Townley


Jessica Townley

It's not as hot as other carriers I've tried
I love my Baby Kítan Breeze! It's not as hot as other carriers I've tried so we've been able to use it all summer long. My son loves it too and often falls asleep in it...we all know thereís just nothing cuter than sleepy baby cuddles. Thanks for making such a great product thatís so easy to use! - Caroline Marquez

It was wonderful in the airport
Thank you for such for a great carrier! This is our 9 week old daughter Delaney on a recent 3hr flight to Florida. It was wonderful in the airport and perfect for nursing and sleeping on the airplane! Best part, I didnt even have to remove her at security! - Crystal Herring

It has been a lifesaver
I love my carrier! It has been a lifesaver. I take my baby to work with me, and since I found this carrier I have been able to get more work done while attending to the needs of my baby also! I will tell anyone and everyone I can about the Baby K'tan! Thank you again for your assistance and for the great product! - Nicole Mitchell

Absolutely loves it
A good friend of mine recently had a babyshower and I brought your brochures and cards. So many people were interested and a women name April said she purchased one and absolutely loves it!! She said that people ask her where she got the baby K'tan all the time!!!!! Many of our friends have also become interested because they think there great (which they are)!! - Lela

My grandson is going to love being held with K'tan
We actually met a lady in a department store wearing one as we were looking for something similar. I wish i had her name because she's a great salesperson for your product. She told us all about it as well as where to find it on-line. It looks like a great product, I can't wait for my daughter to receive it, I know my grandson is going to love being held with K'tan. - Jessica Tabakian

Celebrities Love the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier!

Actress Sara Gilbert, Beverly Hills CA (pictured at right)
Thank you so much for my new carriers! I love the brown one. I will send you a picture next time someone takes one with me in it. Thanks again! I love my carriers!!

Actress Jenna Fischer
My husband and I love our Baby K'tan. It has been a lifesaver! The baby loves being snug to our chest as we walk around and it puts him right to sleep. We love that we can carry the baby and have our hands free at the same time. It is a must-have for all parents.

Actress/Boxer Laila Ali Conway
I received the gift you sent me. Just want to say thank you and let you know that it was appreciated. I wish your business all the best! Take care.

Ellen Pompeo spotted Buying a Baby K'tan (posted by TMZ)

The K'tan is still my son's favorite way to ride
I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for such a great product. Even at 7 months old and 19 lbs., the K'tan is still my son's favorite way to ride when we're out and about. I'm constantly getting questions from people about my K'tan and am always excited to tell them all about it! You all have made being on the go with my older son while still staying connected with my newest son an absolute breeze. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Danni Surre

Danni Surre

Betty Dickerson
The only cry-free time I really get right now
Thank you!! The sling came at a perfect time. This is the only cry-free time I really get right now. Thank you so much!! Baby fell asleep the moment I put her in. Many Blessings - Betty Dickerson

Thank you so much for supporting our military
We got a Baby K'tan at Operation Shower in Atlanta, GA and our new born LOVES it!!! Thank you so much for supporting our military :)" - Janessa

My husband is stationed in Korea...
I got a Baby K'tan from Operation Shower, it is a lifesaver! My son had colic and the only way I could calm him was to wear him around the house. I use it every time we go out anywhere, he loves it and so do I! My husband is stationed in Korea so it's great to have something that allows me to be able to use my hands while holding our son. - Felicia

I almost asked for a second for Christmas
I love love love my K'an. Both Kenlee and I are sad when its in the washer. I almost asked for a second for Christmas because I get so much use out of my current one... I was super intimidated about buying a carrier for my baby after a past bad experience. Now, I can't wear my Baby K'tan enough! I am stopped all of the time asking what it is, where I got it, and, most importantly, is it easy and comfortable. I've actually taken the baby out and demonstrated the ease of use in a grocery store aisle. I seriously love this carrier! Our Big Screen Dreams - Amanda

It is so soft and cozy, it's perfect
I was actually able to get down to Sunrise today to do the exchange - I was so excited about getting my K'tan I couldn't wait! The XS is perfect, and I really appreciate your advice on sizing. I put my daughter in it in the store and walked around to make sure it fit comfortably, and she fell asleep before I even had a chance to check out! It is so soft and cozy, it's perfect! I will show it off proudly! - Sara

I was able to do my errands more easily
I tried it out for the first time yesterday (in the rain) and it was wonderful. Both Alex and I stayed dry and I was able to do my errands more easily! I had my Mommy and Me class yesterday as well and showed it off to the class. - Ayelet Mullen

It was a piece of material that kept me and my son connected
Hello, I just had to write and say thank you! The k'tan is the only carrier I used with my son. I started using it when he was just days old and used it a lot throughout the years because he preferred to be close, and well I love being hands free. He just turned 2 and I still sometimes use it because the way the k'tan distributes the weight on my shoulders, it is just easier than carrying him in my arms. I have had many people not only ask what it is, but have had friends and family ask if they could have mine when I was done. Here is the silly thing, I refuse to give it up, for the past 2 years it was a piece of material that kept me and my son connected, so thank you! And know that once I am finally done using it, it will be placed in his memory box.

I have three children and this is by far the best purchase I've made!
I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU again! It's perfect and Madeline and I are so happy! She really enjoys being snuggled in the carrier and I love having my hands back to handle all of the "Mommy Business" around the house! I have three children and this is by far the best purchase I've made for any of them!!!!! Again THANKS A MILLIONS for such a wonderful product! - Latwan

This product is a MUST for all parents
Our beautiful Naomi was born just under two months ago. A week after she was born we received our Baby K'tan Baby Carrier as a gift from the family and it is simply the best present we got. Doesnít matter if she is tired, gassy or just plain needing to be held we use our ktan and she settles down in a minute. In the meantime we can still go about our daily chores. We are even able to clean the entire house with Naomi in the Ktan it is that comfortable. This product is a MUST for all parents and especially for first time parents. Simply perfect. Thank you so much, it keeps us sane!

I cannot live my life with twins and a singleton without my Baby K'tan
If I had to sum up my Baby K'Tan experience in one sentence, it would be this: "I cannot live my life with twins and a singleton without my Baby K'Tan!!" I am a sling-carrier-wrap obsessed mom... When my twins were born, I bought the Metro Mama baby wrap, the Rocking Baby Mama sling, the Jellybean sling, and even tried to make my own! The cost ran from $130 (Metro Mama) to $30 (Jellybean) but I had never found anything that (1) I liked and (2) my babies liked. With my third, I vowed I wouldn't buy another sling - even my husband said, "You have so many already, we can't afford another one!" I tried to make the others work, but it was either a TON of extra fabric dragging on the floor, too complicated to wrap with one hand, or uncomfortable. When the pink K'tan was on sale during breast cancer awareness month, I decided it was a GREAT deal and decided to try it - and I will never, ever, ever, go back to any other carrier! Not only that, my husband ASKED me to get HIM one!! Haha, he now has and loves the Breeze. I am so enthusiastic when people ask me about my K'tan - I love putting it on in front of other moms because I just KNOW they will ask me about it! I've demonstrated at the grocery store, the mall, in line at Disneyland! I've gone to other new moms' houses (our friends) to show them, because they want to see before they buy! Many have wanted to buy a sling, but either (1)don't know which one or (2) want to see it "IN ACTION" first! I lovelovelove talking about my K'Tan. Like I said before, I cannot live my life, the lifestyle I have, deal with my twins and newborn, make lunch, clean up, etc. without my K'tan!

Me wearing this was the only thing that settled the baby.
I have a story to tell of how much the Baby K'Tan is so wonderful in caring for fussy babies. I am a grandma. My daughter had a postpartum complication and required surgery. Her 8 day old newborn was left without her Momma for a few hours, and I (grandma) was left to care for the baby. The Baby K'Tan saved us. The baby was really upset and cranky because her Momma couldn't care for her. So I put on the K'Tan. Me wearing this was the only thing that settled the baby. It was so comfortable to wear and I never experienced any back pain even though I carried her for hours. You have a wonderful product and this Grandma endourses it!

Well I am pleased to be able to say that the wrap is amazing
Well i am pleased to be able to say that the wrap is amazing. It has been one of the best baby purchases that my husband and I made . Our little boy Morgan, who is now three months old loves being in his wrap. We are always out and about, and we always get comments as how comfy our little boy looks and how fab the wrap is. - Claire Lewis

I was so pleased to see that I could use it with my 16th month old
I just got my baby K'tan today and even though my baby isn't going to be born for another six months I couldn't wait to get it. When it arrived I was so pleased to see that I could use it with my 16th month old. He loved getting on me and taking a walk with me and his older brother, and sisters. I wish I had had this for my other five children it would have been a god sent. Now that I have it, not only will I get two more for my niece and best girlfriend. I will tell everyone I know who is expecting that they have to have one. Thank you so much for creating an amazing product. - Jena

Claire Lewis

In short, I'm addicted
Last week the little guy was kvetchy, so I placed him in the K'tan, and that was that. Since then, he absolutely refuses to leave it. When I take him out he cries. As soon as he's back in - peace and quiet. Bliss. I even play the piano with him in the K'tan. In short, I'm addicted. Thanks again for this gift, I will definitely recommend it to all my pals. - Aliza


Only one that doesn't hurt my body
I live in Boise Id. And I wear my son in a Baby K'Tan. I love it!!! I have Lupus and it is the only one that doesn't hurt my body. One thing I found here is that we only have store that sells them. That is Baby Daily. I have mothers stop me everyday and ask me about it and I demonstrate it for them. Thank You!!! - Charity

Moving around cobble stoned streets was a breeze
I wanted to thank you for your great product. My wife and I just returned from a trip to Italy with our 10 week old. Time and again we'd been told we needed a stroller. We opted to take our two carriers (I must confess that mine is not a K'tan, and my wife's doesn't fit me). We had a great time and moving around those cobble stoned streets and hill towns was a breeze with the K'tan. Maybe this picture will communicate better than words how comfortable (if a little serious) our baby boy was in his little carrier. Thanks so much for your outstanding product. - Dan

As soon as I put her in it she calms right down
Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! This has been a life saver with our second daughter. She seems to have colic and use to scream all day until I bought this... as soon as I put her in it she calms right down and is either content awake or falls fast asleep :) Thank you very much for this amazing product and for the sanity I have gained back!!! - Jennifer

My two month old loves it
Thanks for creating such a wonderful sling - I went through three others before trying this one and my two month old loves it! - Ann


THANK YOU for creating this
THANK YOU for creating this! I might even buy a second one to keep in my car :)" - Jessica

I've been able to get all my morning work done
I just received my new Baby K'tan and already tried 3 different positions. My 4 month old daughter Aveleen is a very, "hold me, hold me!", baby. This can make it near impossible to get anything done. So far I've been able to get all my morning work done with her sitting comfortably in her new sling and my back doesn't hurt! I've tried all kinds of different slings with her and my other kids and the Baby K'tan is my favorite by far. We are going to the race at Daytona this 4th of July and had to have a carrier that would be comfortable, light (we live in Florida so this is SUPER important), and wouldn't give us aches and pains from all day use. Thank you. We've found it! And just one more tidbit... your sales dept. called the day I placed my order to let me know I had ordered an extra sash since my K'tan came with one. He saved me $6 and in today's world where every dollar is budgeted for that is huge! Thank you again, for a great product and excellent customer service! - Vanessa

My little man has been K'tanning around since birth
Hey Gang! Just an FYI... My little man has been K'tanning around since birth. He'll be 4 in July. He is autistic and had an allergic reaction @ school on Friday. I had to pick him up and load him with meds. Medications always make him sleepy and I still had a class to attend, sleepy allergic preschooler in tow! I grab the K'tan and asked him if he wanted to "sling". He said,"yea sling." and climbed in. I was able to teach my class with my little guy soundly asleep tight and snug against mommy with his head tucked in. He never knew we were there and my hands were free to take care of business! Thank you for your product!! WE LOVE OUR BABY K'TAN!! - Kimberly Walton Jones

He just sees me put on the K'tan and he starts to calm down a bit
I honestly cannot tell you what the K'tan has done for us! We've had it since Carter was born and it has been a life saver! We'd use it daily just hanging around the house and if Carter became fussy for no apparent reason I'd pop him int he K'tan and he'd settle down almost instantly. It has come to a point where he just sees me put on the K'tan and he starts to calm down a bit. We also just took a 3 hour plane ride and I wasn't apprehensive about the trip because of the K'tan. I knew Carter would happily hang out in the K'tan while we checked in and waited to board plus I knew he could also take a long, quality nap in the K'tan. While on vacation my parents, in laws and friends were amazed at how much Carter loved being in the K'tan! With his sleep thrown off he was pretty fussy at night and my husband would say "time to pull out the big guns!" and we'd put Carter in the K'tan, settle him down, and get him to sleep. It has never failed us! Can you tell we love it?! - Tara

I love that it fits in my diaper bag
LOVE IT! Thank you so much. The Baby K'Tan is wonderful, I constantly get compliments and I always tell them its a K'Tan! I only wish I had got it earlier so I could have enjoyed my newborn in it. But I will get much more use out of it yet even though my son is now 6 months. I love that it fits in my diaper bag so I always have it with me for shopping, errands, and hiking or wherever we might end up! (im working on my husband to get him to be convert from the world of Bjorn.. I haven't succeeded yet probably just because my size wont fit him!). And Thank you for all your help via email, you staff is wonderful! - Angela
She doesn't feel constricted like she did in the others
I just had to tell you how much my baby LOVES her Baby K'tan. We tried various other carriers and slings and all she would do is scream and cry the entire time. I can not tell you how much money we would have saved if we had tried your carrier first! I found out about your product when lady came into my office to have her baby screened. They were wearing the Baby K'tan and he seemed to be really comfortable and happy. Naturally I asked her what brand her carrier was and where she had gotten it. We tried it out and found that Pepper loves the adventure position! She doesn't feel constricted like she did in the others. I am so glad I asked that lady about her carrier! Thanks so much for making a great product. - Dana

Itís the best thing ever
My grandson is perfect and he loves the Kítan! His mother has also decided that itís the best thing ever. He falls right to sleep when we put him in it! She actually wore him at my daughters wedding on Saturday. He slept through the whole thing. :) Thank you! - Lisa


Works wonders
I love my baby k'tan. I just got it and my baby is 6 weeks old. she's a little colicky and the baby k'tan works wonders! so glad I found it. - Allison

It is so easy to use that my husband even figured it out
I bought the Baby Kítan with my third child because a friend of mine recommended it. I had several slings with my other children and none of the worked well. Neither my baby nor I felt comfortable with the type of slings that just go over one shoulder. My back hurt with them and my children did not enjoy sitting in them. I gave up on using slings. The Baby Kítan is so different. My new baby took to it right away! My baby loves the explore position. He loves looking at the light in stores when we go shopping. It is so easy to use that my husband even figured it out without me having to show him how to use it. The Baby Kítan makes my life so much easier with two older kids, we can all walk together and I can hold both of my older children's hands. Thank you so much for this wonderful baby product! I wish I knew about it with my when my other two children where younger! - Sharon
The Baby K'tan was the answer to my prayers
Please let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I ADORE the Baby K'tan. I used the "original" Baby Sling with my first daughter and she absolutely hated it. Since then, I was not a fan of carriers, slings, etc. until my second baby was born. My second daughter LOVES being held because she suffers from a little bit of colic. She is so big, however, that it is difficult for me to hold her in my arms. The Baby K'tan was the answer to my prayers!!! My daughter is more calm, sleeps better, and nurses better since I began wearing her in the sling when she was less than a month old. Thank you. - Stephanie

I was pleased to work with you,
I've received the baby carrier. Everything is wonderful! Me and my daughter liked this baby carrier because it is very comfortable and easy to use! We would like to thank you for working out of so useful things for young mothers! It was my gratitude to your company and personally to you for the high quality and services provided to me. I was pleased to work with you :-) - Alexandra
  Infinite benefits
I bought and used the Baby K'tan when my youngest Son was born in 2008 and I really wish that I had something like it for my oldest. I am now expecting my 3rd baby. The baby stores near me do not have anything that would remotely compare to the infinite benefits of the Baby K'tan. I know that they, as I did 2 years ago, will see the beauty of this carrier, not only aesthetically but functionally. - Melissa

Wish I'd known about this product before I invested money in the others
I am petite (5'1" and thin 105 lbs) and while I love the Bjorn, it simply wouldn't adjust to my height, causing shoulder aches. My sling is great, but with my baby getting older and bigger the sling simply didn't give enough support. I tried the K'tan and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It arrived 3 days after I ordered it, which was impressive. I put it on immediately and my baby loves it as much as I do. I wish I'd known about this product before I invested money in the others, but this is now what I will give as gifts to all my pregnant friends! This is officially my absolutely favorite baby item! - Terri

Holy mother of all inventions
My lifesaver with Astrid - the Baby K'tan Carrier. Holy mother of all inventions - LOVE THIS THING. Love it!!! This thing has it all - easy on the back, easy to use, comfy and soft natural jersey knit cotton - throw it in the wash and dry it. Perfect for newborns through preschoolers - cradle carry, front carry, back carry, hip carry - omg it is orgasmic. I have Astrid in here most of the day and she just snoozes and nurses. Seriously, your product ROCKS my world. - Tracy Morrison

It really has changed my life and improved my relationship with my wonderful daughter
I want to tell you how much I love using my baby k'tan. My 4 month old daughter absolutely loves being in there, and calms down instantly when inside it. Perfect when we are out and she's tired or overstimulated. She will drift off peacefully to sleep within minutes. My husband requested that I get him one too. (we are different sizes) I'm going to pick up another this week. I tell all my friends that they NEED one. Thanks for making such a wonderful carrier. It really has changed my life and improved my relationship with my wonderful daughter. - Judyth Zrobok

Nothing else comes close
I just wanted to tell you I purchased a Baby K'tan at Storkland in Tyler, Texas and it is the single best item I purchased for my baby! She loves being nuzzled close to me and usually naps peacefully inside. I find it comfortable, secure, and easy to use and everywhere I go people ask about it. I usually write down the name so they don't forget. I've used several variations of wraps, slings, and carriers and nothing else comes close. I just wanted to thank you for a great product! - Amy

Can't imagine trying anything else
This sling was recommended to me at one of our local shops. I went in with no idea what I was looking for: my son is almost a year old, he's a chunky little thing, and I wasn't even sure if there was a wrap/sling that he would fit in. I tried it on in the store, and it was amazing! So much better than the chest carrier we were given when my son was born, and a lot more fun to wear. I can't imagine trying anything else. - Ashley

Thanks for your excellent customer service
Just a quick note of thanks for your excellent customer service. I received my pink Baby K'tan today and... although I haven't been able to try it on with my daughter yet, I am already a fan of your company and your customer service. Please know how much I appreciate [your] help and please know that you've got a top notch customer service representative working for you. I've already emailed several friends to tell them about your product so be on the lookout for even more orders! - Rebecca

David Berger

I recommend the Baby Kítan to all of my patients
We started using the Baby Kítan when our 2nd child was a newborn. We have now used multiple positions and have consistently found that this is the most comfortable sling that we have worn. I now recommend the Baby Kítan to all of my patients. - David Berger, MD

Apple Picking
"We went apple picking on Sunday and I busted out the k'tan!" - Amy

I felt comfortable and safe with him in the carrier
I just wanted to let you know that I just love your carrier. My 4 month old had a basic surgery planned and a few complications happened and ended up in ICU for almost two weeks and then another week has gone by in regular care at the hospital (we are still here). Once he got disconnected from some of the things we started going for daily walks using the Baby K'tan. It has been great for the both of us - he had lost almost all of his strength and head control, but I felt comfortable and safe with him in the carrier. Everyone stopped me to ask what it was and I know a few of them were going to buy one. Once we get out of here and I can get another one I will, that way I can have one for the house and one for the car. Just thought I would share my story and how much I love this carrier (along with everyone else at the hospital). - Elaina

Marvelous sling
I love my baby k'tan! After trying so many slings and baby carriers i have found the one for me! I am telling everyone about it - including the baby stores here in Adelaide South Australia. You need to get this product more in Australia. Please let me know if you would like me to refer details of the Adelaide businesses that might be interested in stocking your marvelous sling and thank you thank you thank you! - Madhavi

We love it!
Bella and me in Asiago Italy. Bella is about 13 months old in this pic. We still use our K'tan several times a week and she is almost 15 months. We love it!" - Sarah

I LOVE your sling
"I just wanted to let you guys know that I LOVE your sling! I have a three year old and a 8 month old. My 3 year old lived in it, and now so does my baby! I highly recommend it to all my friends, so thanks and good luck. Love the new variety of styles and colors...I have two black ones! - Nicole

It conveys a "please just look - no touching" message
After three kids, I've tried every baby carrier. This is the BEST one for the tiny little babies. They love it, and you've got your hands free. And it's machine washable for when they puke on it. Baby K'tan saved me! I was totally mobile the entire summer that my third child was born - all because of Baby K'tan. I wore it to every swimming lesson, tennis lesson, and t-ball game for my two older kids. Also, I loved the carrier because, when the babies are really small, it conveys a "please just look - no touching" message in a polite way. I've been giving it as a gift to everyone I know who is pregnant. Thanks!- Tiernee

It does what it claims to do rather brilliantly and easily
It does what it claims to do rather brilliantly and easily. Toss it around your shoulders, pop in the baby, and off they tend to go to la la land, happily gurgling and snoring away. The Baby KíTan is easy to don, easy to maintain, and vitally, wraps over both shoulders with wide straps providing even load and relieving back strain considerably. Field reports in the Hawkins family have been positive from both mother and son. - Hawkins: Adventures in Parenting

The natural mamas raved about the Baby K'tan
While pregnant we shopped for our baby sling here and settled on a Sakura Bloom, once I came down to Miami all the natural mamas raved about the Baby K'tan and I decided to buy one. I never looked back my Sakura bloom is stashed in the closet. C-ville mommies would totally love the K'tan I'm pretty sure! Especially once you realize how you can breastfeed and stroll down the Downtown Mall with no one being the wiser! - Norma
Finding new reasons to love my baby k'tan all the time
Lily's sweater some how fell out of the diaper bag today & I was afraid she would be too cold with just a blanket in the stroller. So, what did i do? I put her in the baby k'tan under my jacket! She was warm & super cute! Finding new reasons to love my baby k'tan all the time! - Lauren

Able to easily switch from adventure to cradle position
We enjoyed the WalkAbout at the Phoenix Art Musuem this Sunday, all with the help of the Baby K'tan. I was able to easily switch baby from the adventure position to the cradle position when she was ready to sleep. I especially liked being able to carry several free food plates with both hands, while my little one slept away. ;) - Marissa


The Baby K'tan is a perfect solution. It is like a sling and a wrap in one
I really love the Baby K'tan. I rented a wrap and a sling here to try out (didn't want to buy before knowing for sure). The sling pulls my neck and shoulders and the wrap is way to much fabric. It hangs on the dirty floor while I am trying to wrap me and my baby... The Baby K'tan is a perfect solution. It is like a sling and a wrap in one without the neck and shoulder pain of a sling and the dirty fabric of a wrap. I just bought one for my sister in law who is due beginning of march. I should buy one more for myself for when the other one is in the wash. - Carmen

When I'm out, I feel like a walking advertisement
The Baby K'tan is my favorite carrier by far. I used one with my son (now 2 years) from the time he was a newborn until I was pregnant with my second child and just didn't have the energy (or space on my body!) to wear him anymore. I've bought several as gifts for friends and they all love it so much too. When I'm out, I feel like a walking advertisement because I tell everyone what it is and that they should get one too! :) - Kacie

The best baby product I've purchased
Totally love it, and a few people who've asked me about it have bought themselves one, too! It's quite possibly the *best* baby product I've purchased or received. - Susan Semadeni

It is the one thing that keeps her calm
Most of the time Georgia was in her Baby Kítan sling where she went into hibernation mode as soon as we went outside. She is just so comfy. Seven weeks old and she is still trying to get back in the womb. This is how I carry her every night from 4-8pm. It is the one thing that keeps her calm. - Kerstin's Maternity Blog

Susan Semadeni
Excellent customer service
Thank you so much for the excellent customer service! I was surprised when you called to inquire about my sizing requirements, but am so glad you did. You were right... the size Large is perfect and baby (born 11/20/07) and I both love it! Thanks again! - Catherine Colgan

Went to Disney World
We went to Disney World this weekend and used the baby ktan. Alana loved it and so did Matt!! Here are some pictures. - Allison

I have a happily attached 11-month old
Thank you for making this product. I love it! I have a happily attached 11-month old, Nikhila. And additionally I just want to say that I've tried several other carriers. This is just the best hands down. It makes me actually want to wear her more than I do already... and that is almost always. - Aiesha


I LOVE this sling
I LOVE this sling. I use it everyday. I also get comments of how incredible it is and comfy when my daughter is in it. I have a "traditional" carrier and a ridiculously expensive sling; but she won't stand to be put in those. On the other hand, she will actually fall asleep in the Baby K'tan no matter where we are or what we are doing. On top of all this your company is charitable to organizations that are personally important to me as well. Having a sister with Down Syndrome growing up in the tough transitional period where those with mental disabilities can now make their mark. Watching my parents do their part to clear a path and open doors for her and now to see companies still out there helping is wonderful. Just know that from the grocery store, doctor's office, camping, and my sister's Special Olympic Events; from Ohio to North Carolina and all our stops in between I will continue to utilize the Baby K'Tan and send all the envious mother's, mom's to be, dad's, and even the grandma's (and everyone else) your way! - Angela


Sarah, Jason and Adrian Grenier
I thought I'd share a K'tan experience: My husband and I just took our 10-week-old son to Italy for 10 days. The K'tan was the best thing ever when the cobblestone streets and stairs made the stroller impractical. Adrian napped in the K'tan every day, and when he was awake the Italians thought it was so adorable - we had random people kissing his head and calling him "piccolino." They loved the way his head poked out of the wrap! We didn't see anyone else wearing their babies, so this must have been a novelty. Thank you SO MUCH for creating such a wonderful product! - Sarah


Jessica Servais
I just want you to know that I have a Baby Ktan in the cocoa, and I LOVE it. I get stopped all the time and people are always asking me what it is and where to get it. I have also gotten 2 of my recently pregnant friends to purchase them. I RAVE about it to everyone I know that has a baby or is pregnant. :) My husband wants one really bad but we have to wait because of funds. Just thought I would let you know how awesome your product is and my baby and I LOVE it!! :) I also have a blog and recommend to people in the blog world about it! :) Great product! Thank you! :) - Jessica

Thanks Again For Saving my Life
7 months old and still loves her Baby K'tan! After washing, it gets a little too snug (my fault, I ordered a smaller size, hoping to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and that hasn't happened yet!), so while it's still damp, I put my 4 year old in the adventure position, and it's now the perfect fit. And he loves helping me stretch it out. I frequent Yahoo! Answers, and whenever anyone asks for a good baby carrier, I always recommend a baby k'tan, and leave a link to the website. Thanks again for saving my life. - Nyssa Retter

Hooray for baby wearing!
I love this sling. My daughter and I use it daily. I am a mother of two...Jonah (3) and Genevieve (6 months).It's hard to imagine my life without my Baby K'tan in terms of the bonding, ease of use, breastfeeding and mobility that your product has been integral in supporting. I think this is the best sling on the market. Hooray for Baby Wearing! - Shushana
Nyssa Retter

I was hesitant to buy it but I'm so glad I did
I've tried just about all of the other baby carriers and slings out there. My daughter would not tolerate staying in any of them for more than 10 minutes until I brought home the Baby K'tan. After spending all of the money I had before on the other carriers I was hesitant to buy it but I'm so glad I did! My daughter absolutely loves being in the Baby K'tan. We've gone on walks and doing things around the house and we are up to 1 and 1/2 hours in the K'tan. She loves the Adventurer position and is so interested in everything around her. - Jessica

Nice little nap
We love the K'tan! He's in it at least once a day and usually takes a nice little nap quite happily. - Hannah


So beautiful and comfortable in the sling
A little story to go with the picture I have attached: My nanny and my son walk me to the underground station every morning as I go to work. Today, my nanny left her keys and could not get in, so she arrived at my work to pick up the keys with Baby in tow. He looked so beautiful and comfortable in the sling! It was just a coincidence that the Kítan label was showing! The Baby Kítan was SO much more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn, which I have used since Ryan, my son was born! Too bad I didnít have the Kítan, then! - Dina K.


I will grab the Baby K'tan for the next tornado event
Our "uneventful" evening, became very eventful around 7ish. A line of storms blew through the North Texas area bring with it a few tornadoes. I gathered up the doggies & Miss Aubrey and headed into the bathroom. While sitting in the bathroom I did some thinking. We have all heard crazy stories of babies being ripped from their mothers arm and so this got me thinking. Should I be wearing my Baby K'tan? If I was wearing the Baby K'tan, Aubrey would be nice and snug against me with no chance of her being ripped from my arms. I know the chances of this happening are very slim, but you never know. I think I will grab the Baby K'tan for the next tornado event. - Dana

Our Unexpected Journey
The Baby Bjorn is not the best carrier for kids with DS because it causes their legs to "frog out" and doesn't help with tone. The Baby K-Tan is great though for any baby or child. You can carry the baby in all different positions so it's good for bigger kids too. Here we are with the Baby K-tan, and so far Bennett loves it! - Adrienne

It's a lifesaver
You can definitely rely on word of mouth to advertise for you. At least five of my friends have ordered and numerous strangers stop me and ask about the sling. It is a terrific product. My baby is 21 lbs and it still doesn't hurt my back! Thanks, it's a lifesaver. - Britt Monroe

By far the best shower gift
I took my son to the Baltimore Aquarium this weekend and wore him in the k'tan. So many mothers came up to me asking how it worked and where to buy one. I told each and every one that it was by far the best shower gift I got and to go to asap! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product! - Andrea

Sora happily looked around the store
We now have 5 carriers for Sora. Ridiculous, I know. She seems to like this one well enough. Kyle wore her during our grocery trip last night, and got lots of funny looks. Sora happily looked around the store and fell asleep in the produce aisle when things were getting a little over stimulating. - Kyle, Team McPherson


I love how comfortable and confident I feel
After trying 3 other carriers, which Jonas would have nothing to do with, I decided to give the Baby K'tan a try. Finally! Jonas actually let me put him in the carrier without struggling and crying and then allowed me to carry him around in it. Why does he like this carrier and not the others? There is a position I can put him in which allows him to see out (instead of facing my chest), basically sit up, and even dangle his feet out. Why do I love it? One of the reasons, of course, is that Jonas loves it. Besides that, it's easy to use and comfortable. I love how comfortable and confident I feel in putting it on and placing him in it. Once it's on, it's pretty easy to adjust to make the fit just right. Having the carrier over both shoulders makes carrying him a lot easier on my shoulders and back. - Rebecca

Now I can do household chores comfortably
I just love using my K'tan. My son loves it,too. I use the adventure and hug positions often. Now I can do household chores comfortably. The local brand that I use, although it is a good one, hurts my back. Thank you so much for offering a reasonable deal. A million thanks from me and my baby, Takumi.- Rhia, Japan

Off to wear my K'tan with pride in the Spring sunshine!
Now that Spring is just around the corner I'll take the camera out with us whenever we go to the park and if we get any nice pics I'll send them on. Can't believe how comfy the Baby Kítan is and our wee monster loves it. I already have a Wow Oui baby carrier but that totally killed me - my back ached for days - but the K'tan is really soft and comfortable to wear. Bye for now - off to wear my K'tan with pride in the Spring sunshine! - Jen, U.K.

Hanging out in his Baby K'tan carrier helping me vacuum
It really is the best sling I've owned - unfortunately, I had to go through a few before I found this one. The K'tan is so much more comfortable to wear and I love that I can carry our son in so many different positions. The fabric is stretchy enough that it can accommodate bigger babies without them getting squished, but sturdy enough that you feel they are secure. Here is Cannon hanging out in his Baby K'tan carrier helping me vacuum! - Valerie Morris

Thank you for your excellent product.
I couldn't get much done if I couldn't wear both girls at the same time. Thank you for your excellent product. I always give these as gifts to new moms now. - Laurel Crane

You made life easier for moms and babies everywhere
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my black baby k'tan, and so does my son, Rhys. People stop me everywhere to ask where I got it. I enthusiastically give them your web address. At my last LLL meeting, three women actually wrote down the address and were saying that they had to have one... you made life easier for moms and babies everywhere! - Kimberly

My constant companion
Christina for the Baby K'tan! This was my constant companion once I got custody of the kids and even a few times in the playroom! - Cornish Adoption Journey

Trying to find the perfect baby carrier
I have been an avid CBB reader for about 2 years now, since our son, Cyrus Mason was a toddler. I have made several online purchases inspired by items seen on CBB, especially since the birth of our second child, Ruby Inez, on January 6, 2008. These include: Baby K'Tan Baby Carrier. Why? I have been trying to find the perfect baby carrier ever since our son was a baby, and thanks to CBB, I have found it at last. I have found the products featured on CBB to be of the highest quality and reasonably priced too. Thanks for the inspiration.- Zoe

By far the easiest and most comfortable baby carrier
I absolutely love this product! I just received my Baby Kítan 2 days ago and I don't know how I lived without it. I have used several other carriers, but this one is by far the easiest and most comfortable baby carrier to use. I have tried just about every position with my baby girl (born 11/14/2007) and she loves it. No fuss and no complaints from her. Today we went shopping and I started her in the Adventure position. After a while she started to get tired so I turned her around for the Hug position and she slept soundly in the Baby Kítan for almost an hour. I especially love how easy it is to change her from one position to another. Can't wait to try it during our vacation to Hawaii. Also, your customer service was excellent. I called because I needed help with the size and the XS fits perfectly. I will definitely recommend this product to all mom's. Thank you for making such a great product for mom's and babies. - Chandra Supnet-Sprenger

I think everyone needs a Baby K'tan
Thank you so much for creating the perfect baby carrier. I do not know what I would do without it. My baby loves it and sleeps in it every day. Whenever I put him down to put it on he flashes me a big smile. It has truly saved me and him. I use it all the time at home and when running errands. It is so easy to put on and is super comfortable too. I think everyone needs a Baby K'tan. I have the original version and just got the Breeze. I love both but the Breeze is my favorite. Thanks again! - C. Armstrong

SUPER product
SUPER company SUPER product. We love our Ktan!!! Thanks. - Carol Lewandowski

My daughter relaxes and falls asleep
Please know that my comment is made as an avid (bordering on compulsive) internet researcher who has checked out just about every sling/ pouch/ wrap/ carrier: and yours is by far my favorite! It seems to combine all the best qualities of the front carrier, pouch carrier, and wrap and is really easy to use. My mom and MIL are also very impressed: my daughter relaxes and falls asleep most times I put her in it, even while eating in a restaurant. Thanks for everything. - Sarah

Lin Grosman, Florida
I was actually in Hollywood this past Saturday and realized, to my dismay, that I forgot my Baby K’tan! I was visiting my Mom and her husband Josh and told them how I feel naked without my BabyKtan... I definitely want to get another one when you get that pink-colored one made.

Jessica Lewis , Winston-Salem NC
I love its softness, flexibility, and rich cocoa color. I believe it will only get better as the baby continues to grow and we can expand out to other positions. The baby fusses when I first put him in it, but quickly falls asleep! We even wear it around the house because he is such a cuddler, and it helps me attend to the needs of my older son.... The Baby K’tan was exactly what I was searching for to use with baby wearing. I researched several months with other slings/carriers and this one had everything I needed and wanted! Thank you so much! God Bless.

I was nervous to spend MORE money on another sling at this stage of the game but I am glad I did. I use my K'Tan on a daily basis. I have taken it to Maryland, Atlanta, and all over south Florida. I can still place him in all the positions. My other slings have been packed away now and my K'Tan is all I will use.

I used the carrier all weekend and I LOVE it! I've already used it in 3 different positions and Mia really seems to like it... Mia loves it so much that I decided not to wait and bought one for my husband for our trip!!

I take it back... He loves it!
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