Convertible Sash/Carry Pouch

Uh oh... I lost my sash! Don't worry - we've got you covered. Replacement sashes can be purchased right here.

Or maybe you're just stylin? Accessorize your Baby K'tan with an extra sash; match your carrier color, or mix it up to add some flavor.

  • Sash conveniently converts to a handy storage tote.
  • 100% cotton (Breeze sashes made of 50% cotton 50% mesh)
  • Sashes are one-size fits all

  • Please note: purchase of a Baby K'tan Carrier includes a free sash.

    Heather Grey Sash
    Heather Grey Sash BK-SASH-HG
    Eggplant Sash
    Eggplant Sash BK-SASH-EP
    Basic Black Sash
    Basic Black Sash BK-SASH-BL
    Warm Cocoa Sash
    Warm Cocoa Sash BK-SASH-BR
    Natural Organic Sash
    Natural Organic Sash BK-SASH-NO
    Black Breeze Sash
    Black Breeze Sash BK-SASH-BL-BREEZE
    White Breeze Sash
    White Breeze Sash BK-SASH-WH-BREEZE
    Denim Sash
    Denim Sash BK-SASH-DM