Loopers™ shoelace tying system

Loopers - Shoelace Tying System
The Loopers™ shoelace is an innovative, patented, new shoelace whose unique velcro closing system provides the stability young children need to learn to tie their shoes independently. Loopers is the only shoelace that successfully teaches the child the process of shoelace tying, step by step. Children quickly learn how to generalize this skill and tie their own laces after practicing on the Loopers mini sneaker.

Loopers is a standard shoelace with velcro pads placed at the point where the loop is formed. The velcro helps to stabilize the loops, freeing the child to focus on manipulating and tying them. Many other shoelace devices on the market are compensatory in nature. They help the child secure their laces by using a plastic bracket or by curling the shoelace so that it keeps the shoe closed without needing to be tied. They do help keep the shoes secured, but in no way do they teach the child how to actually tie their own shoes.

Loopers shoelace tying system
Loopers shoelace tying system Loopers