Babywearing Celebrities - A HOT Trend!
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  Babywearing has become a hot new trend... and we LOVE it!

It's the year of the sling, and celebrities are slinging it. Carrying baby close to your heart has never been easier, and babywearing is an amazingly stylish and smart accessory! This page celebrates the use of baby carriers, whether or not it be a Baby K'tan!

Check out this list of celebs that own a Baby K'tan:
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Lopez
Patrick Dempsey
Marcia Cross
Jenna Fischer
Niki Taylor
Laila Ali Conway
Sara Gilbert
Chef judge Tom Colicchio
Gisele & Tom Brady
Ricky Martin
Allysa Milano
Ellen Pompeo
Kristin Cavallari
Tony Romo
DeAnna Pappas

"Whether you’re a celebrity gawker or not, there’s no denying that Hollywood stars have an influence on national and international trends, from fashion to diets, and even world causes. They’re at the forefront of media hype, so it’s nearly impossible to ignore any movement they make. Lately, with all the babies celebrities are having, is it possible that the next trend - the next popular Hollywood accessory - will be the baby sling?"

The K’tannukah Song
By Tali Zipper

Put on your Baby K’tannukah
Lets sing our songonukah
So much funnukah to wear your K’tannukah.
Babywearing is
A festival for all
Instead of aching arms from baby carrying, we have no pain at all!

You’re not the only one around who loves to be worn,
Here's a list of other people who’ve had a Baby K’tan,
since the day their babe’s were born!

J-Lo had two K’tans for her twins.
So did Patrick Dempsey and Ricky Martin.
Guess who had a K’tan for himself and for his lady,
Wife Gisele Bundchen and Patriot Tom Brady.

Chef judge Tom Colicchio wears his babies too,
Put them together, what a tasty looking crew!

You don't need a stroller; your car seat is not your boss,
‘Cause you can wear your baby with Julia Roberts and Marcia Cross
(Both have K’tans!)

Put on your Baby K’tannukah,
We’re singing our songonukah,
Boxer Laila Ali Conway-onukkah,
Has a K’tannukah!

Justin Bieber - no Baby K’tan yet!
But guess who does have three? Actress Sara Gilbert!

Ellen Pompeo was spotted getting grabby,
Reaching for K’tan on the shelf,

Some people think Jenna Fischer wears K’tan,
Well she does and guess who else?
Her husband Lee’s a baby man!

So many people in the babywearing biz,
Tyra Banks isn’t,
But Niki Taylor is!

Tell your mom Veronica,
It’s time to wear a K’tannukah!
We’ll even use a harmonica
To sing our songonukkah!
So wear your Baby K’tannukah
And snuggle all day longonukah,
If you really really wannukah,
have a happy happy happy,