Certified Miracle Seal Of Approval, Press Release

Baby K’tan Receives Prestigious Certified Miracle™ Seal


Baby K’tan has just received the Certified Miracle™ seal award, a prestigious award for being one of the most innovative and effective baby products on the market. Baby K’tan is one of the first 25 products to receive the Certified Miracle™ seal after rigorous testing of thousands of products by parents , pediatricians and other parenting groups and medical professionals.

The Certified Miracle seal, is one of the few seals on the market that is actually earned. “Manufacturers cannot submit or pay for our seal. The Certified Miracle seal is awarded only to those products that are found to be exemplary,” says Michael Gatten president and founder of Miracle Industries™, LLC maker of the world famous Miracle Blanket® swaddle .

The Certified Miracle™ seal is an approval seal program that has been testing thousands of baby and toddler products for more than a year before selecting the inaugural 25 products. In the past decade, Miracle Industries, LLC has developed an extensive network of parents, medical professionals and product experts who are continually testing baby and toddler products in various categories such as sleep, play and eating. The Certified Miracle seal is awarded to only those products that are deemed unique, effective, have outstanding customer service and meet or exceed all safety requirements.

“I am enthusiastic about the new [Certified Miracle™] seal because I am disgusted with some of the others. I actually did a full report on one of the more popular one's awhile back after I found out that companies basically paid for the seal.” Says Sarah Lewis of The Crazy House blog. “They sent me a product to try out that I HATED and I gave it 0 stars, that's how bad it was. And then 3 months later it was in their newsletter as one of the coolest, new, up and coming products for Parents.”

Susan Calloway, Marketing Director for Miracle Industries, says, “When parents see the Certified Miracle™ seal on a product, they'll know it's a baby or toddler product they can count on. The Certified Miracle seal assures parents it’s a product that does what it says it will do."

Baby K’tan is honored to be among one of the first baby products to receive the Certified Miracle™ seal, and believes it's another example of their commitment to manufacturing an excellent product and providing great customer service.

As a recipient of the Certified Miracle™ seal Baby K’tan can include the seal on packaging, will be featured on CertifiedMiracles.com and have opportunities for local and national press.

Baby K’tan is very proud to have earned the Certified Miracle™ seal. And we appreciate being able to provide parents another tool to help them easily identify outstanding baby products like ours" , says Michal Chesal, President of Baby K’tan.

For more information about Certified Miracles visit CertifiedMiracles.com or contact Susan Calloway at media@certifiedmiracles.com, (214) 675-0539.